K-FLEX was founded in 1989 in Roncello, located north of Milan, Italy, with the first production plant of elastomeric materials for thermal insulation.

K-FLEX quickly developed its presence in the market and grew rapidly. In 1993, K-FLEX had already established a significant market share in Italy. It subsequently expanded into other European markets such as France and Spain, opening in Barcelona in 1995 and in Madrid in 1998.

Almost ten years after its foundation, K-FLEX began its expansion outside Europe starting up K-FLEX China. Based in Guangzhou was the first of two manufacturing plants with a second plant built in Suzhou, which opened in 2009.

The Company built further production facilities in the US, in Russia in 2005, in Malaysia, Poland, India and Dubai.

In order to expand its commercial footprint, the Company opened distribution branches and various other distribution / sales companies in Germany (2000), Scandinavia (2005), United Kingdom (2006), Romania (2008), Japan (2008), Ukraine (2009), South Korea (2009).

In the 2008 another strategic activity was the 100% share acquisition of BevEx Ltd. BevEx offers an important diversification opportunity for K-FLEX through its presence in the Food & Beverage sector.

At the end of 2009, K-FLEX opened its headquarter in Roncello, housing a 50,000 sq. meter production facility.

In the last few years K-FLEX has been expanding the production facilities in Russia, Poland, India and USA in order to better answer to the local market request.

In June 2014, the company changed its legal form from limited liability company (S.r.l.) to joint stock company (S.p.A.).

In 2017, the plant in the USA was extended towards the biggest and most modern plant worldwide.

Also the Polish plant was extended in 2017 and represents the biggest and most modern plant in Europe.

In 2018, a new production site in Egypt was completed. Also our Logistics Centre “K-FLEX Logistikzentrum Leipzig-Halle” in Germany opened its doors, becoming the biggest distribution centre for elastomeric foams in the whole of Europe.

In 2019, a new production site in Vietnam has been opened in support of the asian region market request. In the same year K-FLEX enhanced their Polish factory by adding in a new polyethylene plant.

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