The world today is increasingly aware of the need to meet fire safety requirements and reduce energy consumption, and the new K-FLEX SRC and K-FLEX SRC ECO sheets have been developed specifically with these criteria in mind. K-FLEX SRC, in conjunction with K-FLEX ST tubes, complies with the current European testing on fire classification of construction products and building components, and offers design, engineers and installers a complete range of solutions for the insulation of pipes, ducting and technical systems, capable of reducing the emission of smoke. K-FLEX SRC sheet works by combining the features of closed cell elastomeric foam and the performance of an aluminised protective outer jacket. The elastomeric foam ensures good thermal performance like low thermal conductivity and high resistance to water vapour diffusion. In case of fire, the outer jacket protects against fire by retarding its onset, slowing the propagation of the flame and as a result, the emission of smoke. The special halogen-free elastomeric foam compound of the new K-FLEX ECO SRC sheets ensure that, in case of fire, any smoke are free of hazardous hydrohalic acids and organochlorine compounds. K-FLEX ECO SRC sheets further increase the level of safety in case of fire, making them an ideal solution to protect personal safety.


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K-FLEX SRC Brochure

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