srcecotube 3

We are delighted to announce that we have obtained Euroclassification BL-s1,d0 for our K-FLEX SRC ECO tube - the latest innovation in technical insulation of buildings, comprising a layer of closed elastomeric foam with a protective jacket. This is all due to the synergy of our R&D Department and Technical Marketing working group.

This product releases only a very limited quantity of flammable gas, and can therefore be installed without restriction - even in escape routes - in both civil and public building applications (particular in those public buildings with a very high concentration of people, such as hospitals and, commercial and residential centre)

Was specifically designed to fulfill the highest European Standards and to satisfy the requirements of a technical insulation market that, these days - is more ever - more discerning and technically informed.

K-FLEX SRC ECO tube is the product that offers a revolutionary performance in terms of fire rating and low smoke emission, whilst maintaining all the excellent insulation properties of the best rubber insulation material.

For more informations please check K-FLEX SRC brochure.


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