Thermal conductivity (λ factor)

Heat flow which, in static conditions, crosses the surface of a homogenous material. Thermal conductivity is a measurement of the ability of a material to transmit heat. As shown in the diagram below, the lower the value λ of a material, the better the thermal insulation.

The Chart compares Insulation features of different materials

Aluminium λ = 200 W/mk
Water λ = 0.58 W/mk
Wood λ = 0.12 W/mk
Elastomer λ = 0.033* W/mk
  * at 0°C for K-FLEX ST product ≤ 25 mm

Temperature range

Our materials are suitable for applications ranging from -200 °C to +175 °C. The temperature range for each product is always indicated in the appropriate specification.


Flexibility and ease of use

The ease of installation of our materials sets them apart from other products on the market. Due to its flexibility and elasticity, K-Flex elastomeric insulation is ideal for a variety of applications, such as: air conditioning ducts, pipes, elbows, valves, flanges, reservoirs, etc. Professionals will also appreciate its extreme cleanliness because it does not leave traces and residues during installation. Even restoration and maintenance work can be carried out with ease and can achieve a saving in installation time that is unique compared to other materials.


Fire Behaviour

All our products are certified and supervised at major international laboratories which guarantee that they are self-extinguishing in case of fire. Years of experience and international presence have allowed us to surpass even the strictest standards: BS 476, DIN 4102, Euroclass, Italian Class 1, Spanish M1, French NF-FEU, American ASTM and these are just some of over 1500 certifications that our materials have achieved.