Important for correctly fastening PVC and AL CLAD sheets. 

PLASTIC RIVETS: box of 100 WHITE and GREY rivets. 
PUNCH: straight/angular 
K-FIX: Galvanized steel installation hangar spike with a 50x50 mm base. With adhesive and nonadhesive surface, with a 2,7 mm diameter stick pike, and a self-blocking 30 mm diameter disc. 

It can be applied to flat metal surfaces for fastening insulation material in sheet or roll form (mineral wool, polyethylene, etc.). Strongly recommended for air-conditioning ducts.
Temperature range min/max +10 °C/ +80 °C. 
Supplied in boxes of 100 pieces. 
Length of pins - from 19 to 114 mm. 

Instruction for use on PVC and AL CLAD

Punch holes along the overlap of the sheet, going through both layers. 


Insert the plastic rivets in the holes, pressing them firmly into the insulation layer. 


Apply the chosen insulation and insert the
self-locking  disc. If the shank exceeds the thickness of the insulating material, cut away the excess. 
Non-adhesive K-FIX: weld the plate to the metal surface. 

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