K-FLEX K-FIRE BOARD anti-icing board is made of mineral wool with a density of 160 kg/m3, covered on one or both sides with K-FLEX K-FIRE COATING acrylic paint. It is used for fire-proof sealing, in walls and ceilings, passages of steel and copper pipes and combined passes with plastic pipes, cables and ventilation ducts.

CE Marked 834-CPR-406
ETA 17-1021
ETAG 026-3 (2011)





K-FLEX K-FIRE BOARD - 1200 x 600

50 - 60 mm

1S Smooth

K-FLEX K-FIRE BOARD - 1200 x 600

60 mm

2S Smooth

K-FLEX K-FIRE BOARD - 1200 x 600

50 - 60 mm

1S Ribbed

K-FLEX K-FIRE BOARD - 1200 x 600

50 - 60 mm

2S Ribbed




Test method

Fire Rating

Up to EI 240

EN 1366-3

Tested penetration seal in

Flexible walls: min. thickness 75 mm;

Rigid walls: min. thickness 75 mm;

Rigid floors: min. thickness 150 mm


Tested service penetration

- Electrical wires up to Ø 80 mm single and in bundles

- Routes / cable trays

- Steel pipes up to Ø 324 mm + MW insulation

- Combustible pipes up to Ø 160 mm

- Steel pipes up to Ø 324 mm + FEF insulation

- PEX pipes up to Ø 75 mm + MW insulation

* FEF: Elastomeric Foam

* MW: Mineral Wool


Durability and serviceability

Type Y1: designed for use at temperatures below 0 °C when exposed to UV,
but without exposure to rain. Includes lower classes Y2, Z1, Z2.

EOTA TR 024:2009


average 12,5%


Storage temperature

+5 °C ÷ +30°C


Appliction temperature

+5 °C ÷ +50°C


Coating density

1,3-1,4 g/ml


Mineral wool density

160 kg/m3 (150-170 kg/m3)


Coating colour

RAL 9002


Thermal conductivity

0,038 W/mK

L’ISOLANTE K-FLEX reserves the right to change data and technical requirements without notice.
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