A single pack material that, when mixed with water, provides a fire resistant and smoke seal able to reinstate fire resistance of separating walls and floors when penetrated by building services.

- Safe: free of fibres, silica and halogens;
- Up to 4 hours fire resistance (integrity and insulation);
- Can be used in wall and floor penetrations to accommodate a variety of penetrating services;
- Easy to use: can be applied by trowel or poured into position;
- Does not require specialist equipment. Simple mixing and application tools can be used and cleaned with water;
- Does not shrink on setting and provides a rigid, gas-tight barrier to smoke, combustion gasses and halon gas.

CE Marked 0843–CPR–0277
ETA 15-0757
ETAG 026-2 (2011) according EN 1366-3 Penetration Seals





K-FLEX K-FIRE MORTAR - 20 kg bag 1
K-FLEX K-FIRE MORTAR - 10 kg bag 1



Test method

Fire Rating

Up to EI 240  EN 1633-3

Tested penetration seal in

Flexible walls: min. thickness 100 mm;
Rigid walls: min. thickness of 100 mm;
Rigid floors: min. thickness of 150 mm;


Tested service penetration

- PVC-U pipes up to Ø 200mm;
- PE pipes up to Ø 55mm;
- ABS pipes up to Ø 55mm;
- SAN+PVC pipes up to Ø 55mm;
- Copper pipes up to Ø93mm;
- Copper pipes up to Ø93mm + FEF / MW insulation;
- Steel pipes up to Ø194mm;
- Steel pipes up to Ø194mm + FEF insulation;
- Single cables up to Ø80mm;
- Cable bundles up to Ø 100mm;
- Cable trays up to 300x25mm;
- Perforated steel trays up to 500x60mm

*FEF: Flexible Elastomeric Foam
*MW: Mineral Wool


Durability and serviceability


Type Y2: intended for use at temperature below 0°C, with no exposure to rain nor UV. Includes lower use categories.

EOTA TR 024:2009


Approximately 860 kg/m3 one month after application  

Thermal Conductivity

 < 0.3 W /m K  

Shelf life

6 months  

Ecological data

Free of fibres, silica and halogens  
L’ISOLANTE K-FLEX reserves the right to change data and technical requirements without notice.
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