K-FLEX FIRE ACRYLIC is an one part acrylic sealant designed to prevent the spread of fire and smoke through joints and openings in fire rated walls and floors including openings formed around building service penetrations. K-FLEX FIRE ACRYLIC will also maintain the acoustic design performance in walls and floors. K-FLEX FIRE ACRYLIC cures when it is subjected to atmospheric conditions and retain a certain elasticity for joint movement. Under fire exposure, K-FLEX FIRE ACRYLIC creates a robust fire seal creating a durable intumescent char. Thermal activation takes place at about 180°C when the material will expand (intumesce) and prevent the passage of fire and smoke for periods up to and beyond 4 hours.

- Construction joints in fire separating walls and floors;
- Acoustic seals around perimeters of fire resistant partitions;
- Gaps behind fire resistant door casings;
- Seating of fire resistant grills, intumescent pipe closer around pipes.

CE Marked 0843-CPR-0257
ETA 15-0322
ETAG 026-2 (2011) according EN 1366-3 Penetration Seals
AgBB and EC1Plus for Low VOC





K-FLEX K-FIRE ACRILYC - 310 ml cartridge, white 12
K-FLEX K-FIRE ACRILYC - 310 ml cartridge, grey 12
K-FLEX FIRE ACRYLIC - 600 ml sausage, white 12



Test method

Fire Rating

Up to EI 240  EN 1366-3

Tested Penetration Seal In

Flexible walls: min. thickness 100 mm
Rigid walls: min. thickness of 150 mm
Rigid floors: min. thickness of 150 mm


Tested Service Penetration

- PVC-U pipes up to Ø32mm
- PVC-U pipes up to Ø40mm + MW Insulation
- PE, PE-HD pipes up to Ø40mm + MW Insulation
- ABS pipes up to Ø40mm + MW Insulation
- SAN+PVC pipes up to Ø40mm + MW Insulation
- PP pipes up to Ø32mm
- PP pipes up to Ø75mm + AESW Insulation
- Geberit Mepla up to Ø75mm + FEF / MW / AESW Insulation
- Copper pipes up to Ø54mm
- Copper pipes up to Ø54mm + FEF / MW / AESW Insulation
- Steel pipes up to Ø16mm
- Steel pipes up to Ø165mm + FEF / AESW Insulation
- Steel pipes up to Ø219mm + MW Insulation
- Alupex pipes up to Ø75mm + MW / AESW Insulation
- Electrical Cables in bundles up to Ø100mm
- Telecom Cables in bundles up to Ø100mm
- Blank Seal + AESW Insulation

*FEF: Flexible Elastomeric Foam
*MW: Mineral Wool
*AESW: Alkaline earth silicate wool


Durability And Serviceability

Type Z2: Intended for uses in internal conditions, excluding temperature below 0°C, without exposure to rain or UV.

 EOTA TR 024:2009

Reaction To Fire


 EN 13501-1

Storing Temp.

+5 ÷ +30°C

Service Temp. -20°C to +70°C  
Density 1.58 g/ml  
Flexibility 7.5%  
Cure Rate 3 to 5 days depending on thickness and temperature  
Tack Free 75 minutes  
Water Resistance Good when fully cured  
U.V. Resistance Good  
Joint Movement Remains flexible  
Shelf Life 12 months  
Water Solubility Miscible  
Acoustic Performances

up to 62 dB (single side)
over 62 dB (double side)

EN 10140-2
Ecological Data

EMICODE emission class EC 1PLUS
Low Emission

L’ISOLANTE K-FLEX reserves the right to change data and technical requirements without notice.
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